little darlin' - the original diamonds (1957)

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I first heard this song when I was about 6 to 8 years old in one of the Disney's music video , sung by The Diamonds , and I really love it :-)
This song has been my favorite for more than 25 years now and it will always be my fave.

Little Darlin' was originally written by William Maurice and recorded the original version with his group called The Gladiolas.
Little Darlin' then recorded and released on 1957 by The Diamonds in a different style which bring The Diamond became a very popular singing group.

After 47 years since the recording and release The Diamond's gathered in 2004 for this performance .
And I think it is AWESOME ! ! !

I love the memory , I love the new sound , I love the performance , I love the way they perform LITTLE DARLIN' the way they used to do , I love the excitement I feel everytime I watch this video :-)

~the original diamonds~
lead : Dave Somerville (1933 - present)
tenor : Tedd Kowalski (1931 - 8 August 2010)
baritone : Phil Levitt (1935 - present)
bass : Bill Reed (1936 - 22 October 2004)