Beautiful Sunday- Daniel Boone- 1972

ดู 1898 ครั้ง
Have A Nice Day.A Smash From 1972.The 70's Was A Unique Decade.It Was Like A Combination Of The 50's And 60's.But Real Liberal And Wacky.The Music Was The Same.Some Awful Bubblegum. The De Franco Family, The Osmonds.Some Of That Junk Was Terrible .But There Were Some Catchy Songs.This Was One Of Them.Daniel Boone? Where's Davey Crocket? This Thing From The Forgettable Or Unforgettable 70's Is Good. I Thought The 70's Was A Great Decade For Music.Better Than The 80's,90's and 0's.That's A Great Term For Music This Decade.Zero. I Know The Bands Can Make Great Music.There's A Lot Of Talent Out There.Anyway,I Love This Song And Where Is Davey Crocket?