Rhino and Hippo Date Night Part 1

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A viewer described this as "Desperate Rhino, Annoyed Hippo". That sums it up! There's kissing(1:30), horn prodding(6:15), tusk displays (5:00), gentle biting(8:10), back rubs(5:30), rolling around(3:35), pushing & shoving(8:30), and even mounting(8:40) during their face off encounter that lasted over 40 minutes.

WARNING to UPLOADERS TRYING to STEAL MY VIDEO: I vigorously defend my copyright and I will have your video shut down from YouTube and add one strike to your account. So don't waste your time on my videos!!!!

Update: This lonely male rhino at Moholoholo has been sold to another preserve to meet girl rhinos and make babies. Now he won't have to try and hook up with the uncooperative hippos! There's also a couple more minutes of video before it gets dark in Part 2 of even more action. You won't want to miss it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flHZ5ckLcEw