Crocodile Attacks Baby Jaguar

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Jaguars are incredible hunters. They learn early that stalking a riverbank is a good place to find prey. But there is a learning curve and here our young cub gets a surprise lesson.

On the riverbank is a black caiman. Caimans are large crocodilians from South America of the extant family, Alligatoridae. However, this black caiman is a young juvenile and like the jaguar cub, both animals have yet to learn natures harsh lessons.

The black caiman may grow as large as 20 feet in length.
And a young black caiman has needle sharp teeth. The inexperienced jaguar is curious. The encounter is a potentially dangerous situation for both animals.

Watch the lightning reflexes and amazing agility of the young caiman and inquisitive jaguar cub! Young Crocodile Teaches Jaguar Cub Important Lesson - Jaguar vs. Caiman

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