Cobras Protecting Sleeping Baby?

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4 cobras guard a sleeping baby. Are these deadly cobras really trying to protect this baby or is there something else going on here?

Four Cobra snakes protecting a sleeping baby

So are these cobras protecting the baby that's asleep or are they keeping it hostage?

Make no mistake, cobras are very deadly and while their venom isn't as strong as some snakes, the amount of toxin injected in a single bit is enough to kill an elephant or 20 people.

Cobras are normally shy towards humans and rarely attack unless threatened.

As you can see in the video, they don't seem to feel threatened as the sleeping baby appears to grab onto one of the snakes without any reaction.

This is the only snake species that actually build nests for their eggs and are known to heavily guard those eggs until they hatch.

While no one seems to argue against this video isn't real, some people are claiming that the snakes have been somehow neutralized by having their fangs ripped out and their mouths sewn shut.

Am I wrong for thinking this is extremely cruel to the snakes?

Cobras normally lick the air, but in this video, they do not...

I mean.. how do these snakes even eat?

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