Breeding with wild elephant in Chitwan National Park

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The clip is of wild elephant coming to Elephant breeding center in Chitwan national park to mate with female elephants. Elephant breeding center is not far from tourist area in Sauraha. The wild Elephant seen with tusk is not chained unlike female elephants in the center. This is regular process at the Elephant breeding center in Chitwan.
Chitwan National park is last enclave of huge area that once spread from northern bank of Gangas to the foothills of the Himalayas. Rampant settlements, hunting, urbanization and poaching have threatened wildlife in Chitwan. Chitwan National park is enlisted as UNESCO Site for its effort on preserving last numbers of Asian one horned Rhinos and Royal Bengal Tigers.
Unplanned and growing tourist infrastructures around the National park especially in Sauraha is growing threat to conservation work. Increased number of tourists are encroaching the dwelling of animals and disturbing their habitat.
Wild elephant intruding the human settlements is threat to humans as well as to the beast. People are killed, crops destroyed and houses demolished by wild elephants several time every year.